1/28/15 Best Wrestling of the Week

Wrestler of the Week – Brock Lesnar

He does not appear often, but when he does, Lesnar makes up for lost time. His main event match against Seth Rollins and John Cena at the Royal Rumble stole the show on an otherwise disappointing show. Lesnar and Rollins stole the show, and either could be the honoree in this position. The reason I chose Lesnar is that he showed a dimension that we don’t often see from him. He not only played the role of a monster in the match, he even looked like a giant at times. With his insane musculature, it’s not a far cry to think of Lesnar as against. His wrestling style, though, is usually more offensive and stiff. In this match, he sold in a way that made it amazing that his opponents were able to execute the moves. If Lesnar’s run in WWE is drawing to a close, he picked a good time to start making everyone around him look fantastic.



Match of the Week – Brock Lesnar def. Seth Rollins and John Cena to Retain the WWE Title

It should come as no surprise that the title match at the Rumble produced both the wrestler of the week and the match of the week. Although we’re only in January, this match is a strong leader in the clubhouse for the best match of the year and compares favorably to anything that happened in 2014. As Scott and I discussed on our first episode of the Getting Over podcast, the sheer number of big spots helped this match rather than hindering it because the wrestlers took the time and effort to make those spots tell a story. In particular, Rollins played the role of a vicious young wrestler who was willing to do anything to prove himself willing of the circumstances. Lesnar got many of the fans on his side because he kept fighting back after sustaining huge amounts of damage.



Quote of the Week – Brock Lesnar

“I don’t respect you,” Lesnar, to Roman Reigns, when they first came face to face in the wake of Reigns’s unpopular Royal Rumble win.



Must See Wrestling

  1. Alberto El Patron Debuts in ROH

The wrestler formerly known as Del Rio has embraced his post-WWE career trajectory and launched into a very entertaining direction in ROH. He won an entertaining match with Christopher Daniels. Perhaps the more memorable outcome was his confrontation with Jay Lethal. El Patron squared off with the TV Champion, who felt that the newcomer did not show him the appropriate respect. El Patron and Lethal are set for a title match at ROH’s 13th Anniversary Show, and the matchup already makes the event feel more important.


  1. Austin Aries Comes Out Atop Feast or Fired

TNA’s ludicrous gimmick match headlined last week’s episode of Impact and Aries took the top prize- a contract for a World Title shot. Aries was the wrestler in the match most deserving of the title shot and his reinsertion in that conversation will enhance a title picture that already includes the tenuous relationship between Bobby Roode and Lashley, as well as the Beat Down Clan. Through three episodes, Impact is off to a promising start. History suggests that the storylines and matches will not receive the proper time to develop, but I want to give the promotion a chance to prove me wrong.


  1. Roman Reigns Shows an Edge

A blizzard of boos at the end of the Rumble and a blizzard of snow in Connecticut put WWE in a difficult position for Raw. The show had to revolve around interviews, which is the area in which Reigns struggles most. It was right for Reigns to dial back his goofy enthusiasm and bring back some of his steely stoicism. It was even better to have him face off with Paul Heyman, who can make nearly anyone compelling as an adversary. WWE has a steep hill to climb in making the Wrestlemania main event palatable (a difficulty that did not need to exist), so I am eager to find out how they approach the challenge.