1/24/15 ROH Review: Alberto El Patron Looks Great in Debut

Alberto El Patron def. Christopher Daniels

Even when El Patron debuted in WWE, it was clear that he was a big deal from the first moment. He feuded with future Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio from the word “go” and earned himself a Money in the Bank win and a WWE Title not that much later .His commitment to ROH is not likely the same so his rise will not be as meteoric, but there is no doubt that his debut felt equally vital.


El Patron and Daniels got an extended run to wrestle a very good match. A lot of the offense looked familiar to those who watched El Patron frequently in WWE. We saw his trademark step-up enzuigiri, the inverted superplex, and the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that we have seen many times before. After he was off TV for so long, even the familiarity was a welcome site. Daniels got in plenty of offense himself, such as a springboard moonsault to the floor. El Patron was able to avoid Angels Wings and the Best Moonsault Ever to take advantage with a cross-armbreaker to force Daniels to tap out.


The opponents shook hands as a mutual show of respect after the match, which rankled Jay Lethal, who felt that El Patron did not show him the deference that the TV Champion deserves. Lethal and El Patron nearly came to blows and then Truth Martini and J. Diesel helped gang up on El Patron. Kazarian joined Daniels to help chase them away, but it helped develop the already strong build between El Patron and Daniels in the early stages of their rivalry. Whether El Patron actually takes the title might tell us something about his future with ROH .


The Briscoes def. The Kingdom

The Briscoes jumped Matt Taven and Mike Bennett before the opening bell and the match was more of a brawl around the outside of the ring than a wrestling match. Bennett got his team a brief upperhand with a spear on the apron, but the Briscoes were not deterred. Jay set up for a Jay Driller on Taven and Bennett clocked him with the Title of Love to get his team disqualified, but swing the momentum nonetheless.


While The Kingdom started to beat on the Briscoes, the debuting ODB appeared to help them chase their enemies away. ODB is a perfect fit with the Briscoes given their hard living style and it will help keep them fresh with Jay on top of the company.


Beer City Bruiser def Mikey Webb in the Top Prospect Tournament

The lone tournament match on the show featured Webb, who looks like a cross between Alex Wright and Tyson Kidd (without the same skill), against the mammothly fat Bruiser. Webb barely made it back in the ring after a splash to the floor by the big man. He hit an enzuigiri and barely managed a suplex The Brruiser responded with a lariat and Webb nearly won with a version of Sliced Bread #2. Finally, the bruiser hit an over-the-shoulder piledriver to get the win and advance.