1/31/15 ROH Review – Lethal Retains, Elevates TV Title Status

Jay Lethal def. Matt Sydal and ACH to Retain the TV Title

Before Lethal goes head to head with Alberto El Patron at the 13th Anniversary Show, he had to defend his TV Title against two wrestlers who have recently found success as a tag team.

Despite the good relationship between Sydal and ACH, Truth dominated the early part of the match with surgical strikes to isolate one opponent or the other. Sydal cut him off with a hurricarana and delivered a sliding kick to ACH in the tree of woe. He followed it with a standing moonsault to ACH before Lethal threw him to the floor to prevent a cover. ACH finally recovered an delivered a flying stomp to Sydal and a bridged German Suplex to Lethal that might have ended the match if not for Sydal’s save. Lethal and Sydal went to the floor and ACH took off with a springboard somersault plancha. Sydal got both of his opponents down and hit a Shooting Star Press on ACH. When he went for the pin, Lethal intervened with a superkick and the Lethal Injection. Sydal rolled to the outside, but Lethal took advantage of the weary ACH with another Lethal Injection to get the pin.


After the conclusion, Lethal and Truth Martini taunted ACH and El Patron. As they beat on ACH, El Patron ran to the ring to make the save and chased Lethal to the back. Lethal wrestled one of his best matches in recent memory. He controlled the action against two highly talented opponents and built to a very exciting conclusion. Sydal and ACH also looked good enough to elevate both Lethal and the TV Title to a near main event level a the upcoming PPV.


Ashley Sixx def. Dalton Castle in the Top Prospect Tournament

Castle seemingly tried to draw heat with a homoerotic entrance featuring a Freddy Mercury-style jumper and two male valets wearing only sparkly towels. Surprisingly, the fans fully supported Castle and made him the fan favorite over the cancer survivor Sixx. Castle impressively caught Sixx off the top rope and delivered a Northern Lights Suplex. Sixx answered with a huge lariat for a near fall. Sixx kicked out of a sort of spinning Alabama Slam while two wrestlers in black hoodies and red masks looked on from ringside. Sixx recovered and hit a version of a Rock Bottom to win. Sixx’s nice offensive arsenal got many of the fans on his side by the end of the match. He looks to have a bright future, but based on the crowd reaction, one could say the same for Castle.


Adam Cole Gives Fans the Silent Treatment

With his arm in a sling, the former ROH Champion came to the ring to address the crowd. He hesitated before he started to speak. He retrieved a chair from outside the ring, stared down Steve Corino, and sat down in the middle of the ring. Again, he teased a promo, but gave the fans the middle finger instead of speaking. Cole always has an edge, and this attitude helps to solidify his arrogance. He is also one of the only wrestlers in ROH with the gravitas to keep fans interested in such a segment.


Moose def. Romantic Touch

Veda Scott’s new client took on her old rival, Romantic Touch. The masked lover had some success early against the big man and it caused Scott to leave the announce table to scream at him. He chased her around the ring and dropkicked her on the floor. When he reentered the ring, Moose had recovered. He speared Romantic Touch and got an easy pin.


The Decade def. Local Competitors

Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer inducted Adam Page into their group officially and invited a new Young Boy to try out. He teamed with Jacobs and Page against three jobbers in a short match that Page finished with a belly-to-back piledriver. After the bell, The Decade ganged up on their new Young Boy and beat him senseless. The most notable part of the match was when Whitmer tried to join on commentary and accidentally broke Steve Corino’s headset for the rest of the match.