2/27/15 Impact Review – Lashley Retains Title over MVP, BDC

Lashley def. MVP to Retain the TNA World Title

Lashley’s possible support network, Kurt Angle, made it clear at the start of Impact that he would not back Lashley in his title match with MVP. He said that he was frustrated that Lashley allowed the Beat Down Clan to gang up on him in the battle royal the week before and that he wants his own shot at Lashley’s title. When Angle left, the BDC emerged and MVP said that he would win because Lashley does not have any support.


When the main event arrived, it involved plenty of outside interference almost from the start. Lashley managed to maintain an advantage deep into the match despite the distractions. He hit a running powerslam on MVP that looked like it might e enough to win, but Kenny King pulled the referee out of the ring while he made his count. With the referee out of commission, the whole BDC got involved. Gunner came out from backstage and brawled with Samoa Joe away from the ring. Lashley caught King off of the top rope and slammed him onto the ropes.


With MVP and Lashley isolated, MVP hit the Playmaker, but there was no referee to make a count. He tried to use a chair on Lashley until Drew Galloway ran in, kicked MVP, and took the chair. That interference let Lashley hit a spear and get a pin to retain his title.


The match was too full of run-ins and outside interference to build much drama between the wrestlers involved. The silver lining is that it probably helped develop some future stories between the BDC and Galloway, as well as something for Gunner. Nonetheless, the tension between MVP and Lashley has festered for so long that it deserved a proper conclusion. Even after the premature finish at Lockdown, it was worth giving them a real match.


Austin Aries def. Samoa Joe

Two of the best wrestlers in TNA had an impressive matchup that only got seven or eight minutes to develop that did not maximize the potential. Joe used his size to wear down Aries early in the match and punctuated some mat-based holds with high impact moves like an atomic drop and a running senton. Aries fought back and put Joe in the Last Chancery. The BDC tried to intervene on Joe’s behalf, but Aries stayed focused and hit a 450 splash to get the clean pin over Joe.


After the match, the BDC ganged up on Aries and annihilated him. Joe put him in a rear naked choke to knock Aries unconscious. Low Ki and Kenny King set up a table in the ring and Low Ki hit Warrior’s Way. The BDC left Aries laid out and took his Feast or Fired Briefcase when they left. While things will obviously change with Joe’s departure from TNA, there are seeds for a decent program with Aries and the BDC.


Other Notes

-Rockstar Spud beat up on Tyrus in a fair fight during their tag match with Mr. Anderson and EC3, respectively. He hit an enzuigiri and an Underdog (his version of Spike Dudley’s Dudley Dog). EC3 argued with the referee while Anderson hit a low blow and Mic Check on Tyrus to allow Spud to get the pin. EC3 ran away before Spud could shave his head. I don’t like that Spud can so easily overwhelm the monstrous Tyrus- it defies logic. It is also strange that Spud has routinely got the better of EC3.


-The flabby, goofy Grado stood up to Bram when he attacked the British Boot Camp wrestlers. Bram hit him with a jumping DDT and proceeded to challenge Magnus once again. Even if the foundation of the Bram-Magnus feud is flimsy, it helps that TNA is dedicating time to developing the animosity between the two.


-After a show of mutual respect with Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell once again stood up to Awesome Kong when Kong tried to intimidate her. He hit Kong with a series of clotheslines and kicks that did not phase Kong. Instead, Kong delivered an Implant Buster and posed with the Knockouts Title. As Taz made clear after the match, it seems like Kong can take Taryn’s title any time she wants. The face champion seems to face impossible odds, which is good booking.


-Brooke Tessmacher controlled the mixed tag match over Angelina Love with ease. When the Bromans distracted her partner, Chris Melendez, Robbie E shoved Brooke off the top rope and pinned her. The less I see of this feud, the better.

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