2/6/15 Impact Review – TNA Ends Feuds at Lethal Lockdown    

Team Angle def. Beat Down Clan

Last week’s Impact ended with the fourth member of Team Angle up in the air. Despite Lashley’s protestations, there was never much doubt that he would ultimately join the team to face the men who turned on him. MVP, Kenny King, Samoa Joe, and Low Ki controlled a good portion of the match, though it was hard to follow the action with eight wrestlers in the cage at the same time. Several of the heels set up for their finishers and all of Team Angle countered into submission holds- Angle into an Ankle Lock, Aries into the Last Chancery, and Gunner into a Torture Rack. That allowed Lashley to hit a spear for his team to win.


It is curious that the faces overcame the BDC so quickly and easily. The heels only had a couple of weeks to get heat before they got their comeuppance in the middle of the ring. Rushed storylines have been a persistent problem for TNA and this result does not indicate improvement in that area.


Bobby Roode def. Eric Young

Unlike the ongoing feud between the BDC and Team Angle, the Roode-Young angle was a simple story of betrayal and retribution that had a beginning, middle, and an end at Lockdown. Not only did the story make sense, the hard-hitting match between Roode and Young was the highlight of the show. Just when it looked like the bloodied Young was ready to finish the match, Roode used the chair- the weapon that Young used to turn on him- to annihilate him. He finished the attack with a Roode Bomb on a chair to get the pin. The story and the match were told in a sensible, straightforward way and they worked because Roode stold the story and sold the emotion. TNA could use more angles and matches like this one.


James Storm’s Revolution def. The Hardys to Retain the Tag Team Titles

The Hardys dominated the early part of their Tag Title match with James Storm and Abyss until the rest of the Revolution got involved. It looked like the Hardys had won when Matt escaped through a hole in the cage, but it inexplicably did not end the match. Instead, Sanada spit mist in Jeff’s face and Storm hit the Last Call Superkick to get the win. The highlight of the segment was the post-match beatdown that ended with Jeff getting crotched on top of the cage door, hit with Storm’s cow bell, and thrown neck first onto the ring steps below. It felt like an opportunity to give the Hardys a break, which would be well-earned if true.


Other Notes

-I finally learned why I had so much trouble understanding Mark Andrews’s name on Impact- it’s because he is going by “Mandrews.” He teamed with Rockstar Spud in a cage match against Tyrus. Despite a nice somersault splash from atop the cage by Spud, EC3 helped take out Mandrews and Tyrus won the match with a spike to Spud. EC3 tried to shave Spud after the match, but Jeremy Borash foiled his master plan by brilliantly… unplugging the clippers. Maybe next week we’ll see EC3 shop for a cordless trimmer.


-Awesome Kong beat Havok in a match that was more entertaining than I expected. Kong quickly recovered from a chokeslam and hit one of her own. Havok climbed the cage and Kong powerbombed her off of it. Kong climbed the ropes and hit a powerful splash to get the win.


-Angelina Love cried some crocodile tears during Velvet Skye’s emotional goodbye. I don’t know why it took Skye two weeks after she was fired to pack her things and leave the locker room, nor does it make sense that she would leave in her wrestling gear.


-Brooke beat Robbie E in an obstacle course that was one of the dumbest segments I have seen on a wrestling show this year.